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Promotion in
Instagram / Facebook

Turnkey Account

6 Years in the Digital Field

We Work for the Result
500+ Successful Projects!
Our experience allows us to effectively work with Ukrainian and international brands, achieving the desired goal through advertising communications.
We develop a business communication strategy in social networks, strictly observing its positioning.

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Price account maintenance
Instagram / Facebook



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Business +


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1 575$

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Price targeted advertising





Monthly budget up to 1500 $


Monthly budget from 1500 $

Other Services

  1. Within 30 days, our specialists will train you to set up your account's correct and successful operation.
  2. Develop a strategy for promoting your account аt the initial stage.
  3. Determine your technical and physical capabilities (photo-video shooting), etc.
  4. Explain how to maintain an Instagram\Facebook account using the author's method.
  5. Explain how to work in photo/video processing applications (paid / free).
  6. Guidance in setting up targeted advertising.
  7. An account's visual and content arrangement assistance.
  8. Daily communication in Work Telegram chat.

Online (600$)

  • 2-hour consultation
  • The Basics notions of doing Business on Instagram\Facebook
  • Only helpful information explicit to your industry
  • Will help you determine the strategy and analyze the mistakes
  • Will analyze and launch targeted advertising in your ad account + You get a complete record of the consultation
Offline (1200$)
  • 4-hour consultation
  • A personal meeting in Los Angeles. You choose the location
  • Maximum valuable and valuable information + Bonus from company owners

Security setup - cost $250

  1. Configuring the security of Instagram\Facebook\Gmail accounts (complex service)
  2. 30-minute consultation on the security of your accounts

Profile analyse - 350$ +

  1. Individual design of the profile (logo design, analysis of the profile header, layout of current stories)
  2. Recommendations for the design and maintenance of the profile
  3. Works on individual assignments
  4. Bonus - presets for photo editing

Turnkey business - 5000$ + (only for clients from Ukraine)

  1. Legal assistance (patent registration);
  2. Maintenance in finding suppliers;
  3. Search for premises;
  4. Included "Business +" package for maintenance account for 30 days;
  5. Organization of photo/video filming;
  6. Advertising (targeted, offline, in transport);
  7. Logistics;
  8. Printed and souvenir products. The client pays additional costs and advertising budget separately

TOP 5 Secrets in Setting up Targeted Advertising

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