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Promotion in
Instagram / Facebook

Turnkey Account

6 Years in the Digital Field

We Work for the Result
500+ Successful Projects!
Our experience allows us to effectively work with Ukrainian and international brands, achieving the desired goal through advertising communications.
We develop a business communication strategy in social networks, strictly observing its positioning.

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Price account maintenance
Instagram / Facebook



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Business +


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1 575$

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Price targeted advertising





Monthly budget up to 1500 $


Monthly budget from 1500 $

Other Services

  1. Within 30 days, our specialists will train you to set up your account's correct and successful operation.
  2. Develop a strategy for promoting your account аt the initial stage.
  3. Determine your technical and physical capabilities (photo-video shooting), etc.
  4. Explain how to maintain an Instagram\Facebook account using the author's method.
  5. Explain how to work in photo/video processing applications (paid / free).
  6. Guidance in setting up targeted advertising.
  7. An account's visual and content arrangement assistance.
  8. Daily communication in Work Telegram chat.

Online (600$)

  • 2-hour consultation
  • The Basics notions of doing Business on Instagram\Facebook
  • Only helpful information explicit to your industry
  • Will help you determine the strategy and analyze the mistakes
  • Will analyze and launch targeted advertising in your ad account + You get a complete record of the consultation
Offline (1200$)
  • 4-hour consultation
  • A personal meeting in Los Angeles. You choose the location
  • Maximum valuable and valuable information + Bonus from company owners

Security setup - cost $250

  1. Configuring the security of Instagram\Facebook\Gmail accounts (complex service)
  2. 30-minute consultation on the security of your accounts

Profile analyse - 350$ +

  1. Individual design of the profile (logo design, analysis of the profile header, layout of current stories)
  2. Recommendations for the design and maintenance of the profile
  3. Works on individual assignments
  4. Bonus - presets for photo editing

Turnkey business - 5000$ + (only for clients from Ukraine)

  1. Legal assistance (patent registration);
  2. Maintenance in finding suppliers;
  3. Search for premises;
  4. Included "Business +" package for maintenance account for 30 days;
  5. Organization of photo/video filming;
  6. Advertising (targeted, offline, in transport);
  7. Logistics;
  8. Printed and souvenir products. The client pays additional costs and advertising budget separately

TOP 5 Secrets in Setting up Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising is an essential part of blogging on Facebook and Instagram. Get our free Manual and learn all the vital issues of targeting.

Our Cases

Most Common Questions

  • In 80% of cases, our manager calls up with the client, or all issues are discussed using the messenger at the first stage.
  • If the client is satisfied with all the conditions, we send the agreement for review and signature.
  • Next, an invoice for payment is sent to the client (if a contract is not required, we work without it).
  • After payment, a working chat is created in Telegram. A supervising manager is appointed, as well as a team working on your project.
  • All further details the client gets from the personal manager.

  • With complete account management, our company is engaged in the comprehensive promotion of your business, starting from the tasks you set.
  • We do 80% of the work on your account.
  • Your task is to respond to comments, as well as messages from customers.
  • Also, sending us "raw material" for publication (photo/video) regularly. In case you have a specific product/service.
  • In terms of creativity, practical, engaging posts, it's all on us.

If we talk about our company's services, we can guarantee, first of all, a high-quality work performed and the result after which you will stay with us for an extended period of cooperation. Clearly, we would like to say about targeted advertising::

  1. Every self-respecting company and targeting experts, in particular, will never promise a client a specific number of orders for his business or a particular number of customers.
  2. We can guarantee the most productive result for advertising companies. Still, we underline that the conversion to sale directly depends on the client as well, namely on his account or the website through which we lead to the final sale.

You will get effective promotion of your business or personal social account 🤝 Pleasure and profit\recognition from cooperation with our company.😊

After discussing all the working details with our manager, you will be sent an invoice for payment. Payment - 100%.

Guide "100 Content Ideas for Business"

Don't know where to start and what to write in your blog? Download our Guide and make the content plan that will help you to get new clients and new sales.



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    Business +

    Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising for 30 days.
    Working with targeted advertising ( package is designed for a budget up to $ 1500 )
    Influence – marketing (search and organization of work with 4 bloggers)
    The package is designed for a budget up to $ 1000:


    Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising for 30 days.
    Work with targeted advertising ( package is designed for a budget up to $ 5000 )
    Influence – marketing (search and organization of work with bloggers)
    the package is designed for a budget of up to $ 5000

    Guide "100 Content Ideas for Business"

    Every business account starts a period of stagnation sooner or later. Don’t worry. This happens to everyone who creates content for social media. We inspire newbies and those out of creativity by providing 100 awesome social media business ideas. You will be able to implement them on all social networks.

    The main thing to remember is that you don’t need to use all 100 tips at once. Choose the most delicious ideas for yourself and implement them in your business.

      Price: 250 Uah / 650 Rub / 10 $

      Гайд "100 идей контента для бизнеса"

      У каждого бизнес аккаунта рано или поздно начинается период застоя. Не волнуйтесь, это происходит со всеми, кто создает контент для социальных сетей. Мы постараемся вдохновить новичков и тех, у кого закончилась креативность мысли, предоставив 100 потрясающих идей в области социальных сетей для бизнеса. Вы сможете реализовать их во всех социальных сетях.

      Главное помнить, что не нужно использовать сразу все 100 советов, выберите для себя самые вкусные идеи и внедряйте их в свой бизнес.

        Цена -250 гривен, 650 рублей или 10 долларов
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